Isa firm - Rent a van with driver Helsinki

Isa firm offers a van and driver in the metropolitan area easily and inexpensively 24/h. The Van and driver rental service is for immediate hire or at an agreed time. We are ready to help, to be flexible and to serve at all times of the day.

We pride in our efficiency at providing a stress-free van with a driver to your door. Let us take care of your rental van. With our service, you shall not be obliged to take responsibility of the rented van.

The advantage of renting our van and the driver

The van and driver will beat your door step at the agreed time and leaves when you no longer need the vehicle.

Our service will save you commuting time from collecting and return of the vehicle as compared to the traditional drive yourself service.

More over, you will not be fined if the rental period has been exceeded. We also take liability to unforeseen eventualities to the vehicle so you don't have to.


Isa firm offers transport service in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa region and also to other cities in Finland. The driver will help with the lifting if necessary for an extra charge.

Our service is ideal for small residential removals and other deliveries in Helsinki region and to other cities in Finland. This includes for example transportation of items from door to door, goods transport from store to home or seller to buyer around the metropolitan area.

Our service is very suitable for:

Home Removals

Furniture Transport

Collection Service For Recycling

Bulk Transport

Delivery from Furniture Stores


    The rental period starts from the moment the van arrives at your address and ends when the vehicleis emptied or otherwise pre-arranged at termination. The rental period will be charged according to the time allotted.


    We answer for urgent transport calls immediately, or as soon as possible.
    We are ready to help and be flexible.


    The driver will help with the lifting if required in the collection of few or single item goods.
    You can also ask the driver to pick up and/or deliver the goods in your absence.


    Booking cancellations should be made at least 6 hours before the rental period begins.
    We reserve the right to charge a fee of 30€ for late or non cancellations.


Transport service hourly:






Van with a driver 40€ 50€ 70€
Service with driver assisting with the lifting 60€ 80€ 120€

* Price includes fuel with an allowance of up to 50 kilometers within the metropolitan area.
  Additional kilometers will be charged an extra 10€.